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Hello! Sasha Braus here! Only I'm small but 1000x cuter. I love food and other fun stuff //wink wonk

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[[Crack might happen as well as spoilers]]

Hello hello~!

I just want to apologize for not being very active these past few weeks. Things have been going on. Got to get my things straightened out. You know how life is. So sorry for the inactivity on here. I will get back on here soon enough though so don’t think I have abandoned this blog. You can still send in questions and I’ll reply to them once I get back so send lots and lots of them!

Thank you everybody and have a great day!

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Happy New Years Everybody~!

It’s finally New Years here ahah

I hope that this year will be a great year for everybody. Let’s make this year a good year!

Merry Christmas Everyone~! ヽ( ゜∇゜)ノ

And if you already had your Christmas then Merry Late Christmas!

Also Happy Birthday to all you Heichous out there~

Mind if I join in on this?? Oh god I’m all late

Happy Thanksgiving!

Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias!
Hope you have a wonderful day and eat great food till your hearts content (n゜∇゜n)


Can someone tell me who drew this

I’ll give them a cookie and then I’ll recreate the panel



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The Shingeki no Kyojin Ask Blog “DIE YOUNG” Collaboration is finally complete!! 

Thank you everyone for working with me to create this! It was a lot of work for all of us but I think it paid off. The SNK ask blog community is amazing and I’ve met so many awesome people through it and we can make cool stuff like this. 

The credits for the video are listed in the video comments on youtube.

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 Levi, we are not using one of your thug songs to advertise the Scouting Legion. ~Erwin~.

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The Survey Corps.

(Based off this post)

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  • 1. Age?
  • 2. Gender?
  • 3. Country?
  • 4. Appearance?
  • 5. Tall or short?
  • 7. Hates?
  • 8. Fears?
  • 9. Virgin or not?
  • 10. Single or not?
  • 11. Zodiac sign?
  • 12. Your favorite eye colour?
  • 13. Your favorite hair color?
  • 14. Straight/ Homossexual/ Bissexual...?
  • 15. Do you support gay rights? Why?
  • 16. How was your childhood?
  • 17. How would be the perfect date?
  • 18. What kind of movies do you like?
  • 19. And Games? Which Ones?
  • 20. Something you wished you had never done?
  • 21. Favorite food?
  • 22. A motto?
  • 23. Characters that marked you deeply...
  • 24. Fandoms?
  • 25. Ever tried drugs, alcohol?...
  • ( add more if you want?)
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Well the confession would be the same but since they’re guys…


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Ymir is my friend. She was one of the first few that I befriended during training and despite what she has said about me, I still consider her a great friend. She has her good moments though she can be a bit scary when she’s angry especially if it involves Christa.